Our store is located in one of the most spectacular
wilderness areas in the American West …
Big Bend sunrise
The Big Bend region of West Texas is one of the last remaining
places in America where true adventure can be found.
… where you can experience the wild and scenic Rio Grande …
The wild and scenic Rio Grande
Big Bend gets its name from the “big bend” of the Rio Grande,
the 1,000-mile natural border between the United States and Mexico.
Big Bend map Brewster County map
… where you can experience life-renewing nature and solitude …
Big Bend solitude
Big Bend is one of the most thinly populated places in the U.S.
Our county covers 6,204 square miles, but has only 13,000 people.
Most visitors come here to escape the frenzied pace of city life,
to experience the numinous energy of the land
and reconnect with Nature.
… as far as the eye can see.
Big Bend night skies
Because of its sparse population, Big Bend has
the second-darkest nighttime skies in the lower 48 states.
Chances are, you have never truly experienced
the splendor of the stars and planets
until you’ve viewed them from here.
Big Bend is a hiker’s paradise
Hiking in Big Bend
800,000-acre Big Bend National Park provides more than 150 miles
of hiking trails for every level of proficiency and endurance.
299,000-acre Big Bend State Park has another 60 miles of trails.
Take a day hike, or an overnight adventure
lasting days or even months.
Big Bend has high places with breathtaking vistas …
Big Bend mountaintop
This is the southern (and most ancient) part of the
mountain range known farther north as the Rocky Mountains
Only by exploring Big Bend on foot can you see scenes like this.
… desert diversity …
Desert diversity in Big Bend
The Rio Grande riparian zone features creeks and arroyos
in open desert areas, rich with animal and plant species—
and significant cultural artifacts, as well.
Chihuahuan desert trails offer endless fascination for hikers.
… fascinating flora and fauna …
Big Bend flora and fauna
The Big Bend is home to a wealth of
elegant and exotic animal and plant species—
biodiversity at its best!
… and ancient river canyons.
Santa Elena Canyon
Flowing through the Chihuahuan Desert for millions of years,
the Rio Grande has cut deep canyons with
nearly vertical walls through three geologic uplifts.
Whether exploring on foot or by water,
here you can literally travel through time.
Big Bend is geologically like no place else.
Big Bbend geology
The oldest exposed rocks in the Big Bend were
formed by ocean sediments some 500 million years ago.
250 million years ago, a transcontinental mountain range
was formed, and then buried by powerful geologic processes.
Big Bend is one of only two places in America where
this range breaks above the surface of the land.
Big Bend is a historian’s dream.
Big Bend history
Whether your interests are ranch life, military forts or paleontology,
Big Bend’s many preserved historic sites provide
dramatic testimony about life through the ages.
Big Bend is a land of culture.
Big Bend culture
Many artists, writers, performers, and scholars
have made the Big Bend region their home.
Big Bend provides a welcoming environment for creativity.
Big Bend: an unforgettable land of variety.
Varied terrain in Big Bend
An hour’s drive can take you from the banks of the Rio Grande
to a mountain basin nearly a mile high. These elevation changes
produce an exceptional variety of plant and animal life,
as well as dramatic variations in climate.
Big Bend has something for everybody.
Varied activities in Big Bend
There are as many ways to enjoy Big Bend as there are people who visit.
Visit Big Bend.
Balanced rock at Grapevine Hills Balanced rock at Grapevine Hills
Come explore one of the
last wild corners of America!