Why “Wandervogel”?

I was first exposed to the Wandervogel idea more than thirty-five years ago when I lived in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. There I met a great many young adventurers who were making the Capetown-to-Cairo trek, and I provided hospitality to all who desired it. It was an opportunity to meet a succession of young people who were exploring the world, as one visitor remarked, “like wandering birds.”

This was my first exposure to a member of the Wandervögel movement, and I have been inspired ever since by his example of exploring and experiencing the world in a brave, self-reliant, and inquisitive way.

When I moved to the Big Bend wilderness of West Texas, it reminded me in many ways of my East African experience. The landscape is very similar and, as in Africa, I see a succession of visitors passing through. Some of the most important experiences I have had here have involved my providing hospitality to some of these travelers.

Thus, you can imagine my surprise—no, my amazement—that we were able to acquire the domain name “www.WANDERVOGEL.com” for the adventure store we have established here at the gateway to Big Bend—one of the most spectacular desert mountain camping and hiking destinations in the world.

Now we’re here to help you make your Big Bend adventure a safe and satisfying experience. The traditional Wandervogel values of “Freedom, Self-Responsibility, and Adventure” provide the motive force that informs all that we will do to serve you.

We look forward to seeing you here soon!


Dan Dailey

Dan Dailey